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florence and the machine concert tonight! what a great show. one of the most incredible concerts I've been for, but also the least enjoyable in terms of comfort and surrounding concert-goers. would've been loads worse without the good company of my coursemate though!

it was in alexandra palace (zone 3-- far out, okay) for one, and the wait for the shuttle buses from the tube station were so long that it took us 45 minutes to get there from the time we arrived at the station. it was also really crowded, I was in physical contact with all five people around me. worst of all, we ended up standing beside this awful bunch of girls who were basically everything I hoped to avoid. the waiting around was really long and I didn't like either opening act-- but it was (magically) all okay when florence and the machine finally came on.

this is how I feel about florence and the machine's music: I'm not actually that crazy about her (the fans she attracts are crazier than any of the other concerts I've been for-- the crowds there are fairly sedate in comparison) but I do enjoy her songs! sometimes if I'm in an uncharitable mood and I think too much about her songs and performances I find they're ridiculous (but not in a bad way), but they're very fun because they're so epic and unrealistic I can't really sympathise that much with them. maybe because I take them too literally. but oh my goodness do they make great tracks on fanmixes, because the lyrics are PERFECT for things that happen in larger than life tv shows/movies/comics etc. for example: blindness is the PERFECT inception song and I refuse to hear otherwise. cosmic love also makes me think of amy pond and the weeping angels and also this huge damian/steph fic on the internet. drumming song makes me think of the master and the end of the tenth doctor. because THE LYRICS ARE ALL PERFECT. but I digress.

she was so theatrical. I loved it. if I could get away with wearing the cape and suit she was wearing (you could tell me she was Catwoman and I would believe you) I would, but I guess they only really work in her settings. also I don't normally adore the bands/artistes I watch, but oh man, did I adore florence welch. she was queen of the crowd in every way possible. and HER VOICE holy crap those lungs. amazing. the crowd loved her, obviously, which made it really easy to be immersed in her songs. I don't normally dance (i.e. do dorky jigs) either but it was impossible not to.

the setlist! she had a whole string section, a harpist and a choir, so the songs sounded great. they were more like the record versions on a larger scale, rather than variations of them. I enjoyed rabbit heart the best (not one of my favourite songs, but I thought it was the most fun song of the night haha), but everything else was also very good.

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