char y (acanti) wrote,
char y

hybrid regimes

I think my present position on most political and other issues can probably be summed up as "a liberal among conservatives and a conservative among liberals".

beyond having a penchant for the middle ground (which I undeniably do because I like consensus, compromise and can't we all just get along?), I often find myself thinking yeah, but when I'm in both camps and I'm definitely uncomfortable with both extreme poles and their nearby regions.

I suspect this is actually not that uncommon? it's just that most of the views I hear on the internet and in person tend to fall much closer to either end of the spectrum than I am, and sometimes I'm uncomfortable with the stridency of views (or maybe I should just toughen up since disagreements and conflict are part of life).

it's really not a cop-out, though. my position is arguably just as valid! it doesn't mean I've been influenced by the liberal side, and it doesn't mean I'm too close-minded and steeped in conservatism. it just means I happen to fall somewhere in the middle, which either includes or excludes me from both, depending on levels of openness.

and who knows how this might change as I go along? I'm not old enough to have ossified, that's for sure, even if I'm much surer of my views than I was, say, five years ago.

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