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I went for the explosions in the sky concert tonight! it was really really good; I enjoyed myself a lot. absolutely no lyrics and no silence from start to end (which got a bit annoying sometimes when the segue music was particularly...dissonant but overall was alright and solved the problem of awkward transitions between songs I guess). the thing about explosions in the sky is that I've heard all the songs, but only really listen repeatedly to some of them, and also I usually can't remember the song names of the less well-known ones (I'm the same with mogwai).

but! the songs I really liked were played tonight. setlist for reference! my favourites: catastrophe and the cure, six days at the bottom of the ocean, be comfortable, creature and I guessss the birth and death of the day. and, of course, the only moment we were alone, which I suspect I might have been willing to pay the full ticket price just to hear. the audience was enraptured. the bass was also really loud, which brought the song to a whole new level I've never heard before.

I try not to use this word but their songs when played live really are epic.

notes to self: as a smallish lone (asian) girl, it is v easy to slip through spaces to get close to the front. also, arriving after 9 if you care nothing for the opening act(s) minimises standing time. however, getting too close to the front also means things are really loud which may not be the best idea if it's a post-rock band. man everything still sounds kind of muted oh well it'll wear off soon enough.
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