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char y

'kay I just came back from laura marling's gig at the hammersmith apollo! 

she's so young but you wouldn't really guess from her music. unfortunately I wasn't that familiar with her newest album nor did I like it best, but she was good live-- the sort that'll only keep getting better. I kept thinking things like "wow, you're so talented, and you write and sing your own songs, and I love your lyrics, they're mostly very mature-sounding, and you're so much better than so many famous pop artists out there", then I started thinking snooty things about taylor swift and forced myself to stop.

her band is also completely ridiculousI was laughing quite hard when she introduced then and got them to state one fact each. that elicited the most deadpan "I can't banter onstage or off" ever, an apollo fashioned out of cafeteria materials, a chicken nugget, more banter and the pronouncement that they were all pretty mental backstage.

setlist here. of particular note: BLACKBERRY STONE! one of my favourites of hers, and it sounded great live. definitely my favourite part of the whole show. alpha shallows, another of my favourites, was good too.

that's about it really. but she's definitely one of my favourite solo artists. (the guy behind me said the same thing.) also on a whim I went to check out the setlist for the death cab gig in singapore yesterday and holy crap it looked awesome!
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